Skillephant is a Skill Development and Management company that assists organisations in building and managing their teams. We provide engaging learning and development solutions, which help bridge organisational skill gaps and improve human capital.

Skillephant’s value-add comes from the delivery of it's service and most importantly, our team, learning and development experts who have 9+ years of professional experience.

We understand that every customer's goals and challenges are unique, hence, we strive to focus on shaping our services to fit our customers’ needs by developing & personalising innovative & effective methods of learning.


Our Mission

Provide quality and innovative skill development solutions for our clients to improve their organizational effectiveness by building and maintaining necessary skills in their workforce.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in skill development by building premium and customized solutions for our clients through strategic partnerships with subject matter experts and maintaining lifelong customer relationships.

Our Founding Team

Abhishek Mehta

Working with globally leading e-commerce clients at a real estate firm, Abhishek was able to build an expertise in project and human resource management. It was early in his career when he learnt about the valuable role that a strong human capital plays in an organization's success. Abhishek is ardent about making a difference and providing people with vital learning and development resources that can pave the path to success.

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Akash Doshi

As a Senior Consultant at a big 4 consulting firm, Akash had the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 100 clients in aligning their people, processes and technologies. This experience helped him understand how critical people are to an organization's success. Akash is passionate about bringing this ideology to Indian businesses where staff is employed on either experience or cheap payroll but not culture fit and potential.

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